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Dulles Trade Center

Office, Lab & Warehouse Rentals - Pricing

Office 106: 173 Sq Feet, $800/Month

Office 107: 100 Sq Feet, $500/Month

Office 110: 158 Sq Feet, $750/Month

Office 117: 10.0F X 12.0F, $800/Month

Office 202: 10.0F X 12.0F, $500/Month

Office 203: 12.0F X 9.0F, $450/Month 

Office 205: 15.8F X 9.0F, $500/Month 

Office 207: 9.3F X 15.3F, $800/Month  

Office 209: 9.3F X 11.0F, $500/Month 

Office 210: 9.3F X 11.0F, $500/Month

Office 211: 9.4F X 17.4F + 4.6F X 5.0F, $800/Month

Warehouse/Lab Space #1, 923 SF, $1800/Month

Data Warehouse with Huge Electrical Grid $2300/Month

Warehouse/Lab Space #2, 923 SF, $1800/Month

Warehouse/Lab Space #3, 704 SF, $1700/Month
Mini-Storage #1, 25 SF, $100/Month

Mini-Storage #2, 100 SF, $150/Month

Please call for availability information.

Also see remote working spaces in socail distanced location in mountains, with fast internet:

Offices 207, 209, 210, 211 are Window Offices

Office 211:184SF, Office 202:107SF, Office 210 & 209: 102SF

Office 110: 158SF, Office 117: 164SF

SF = Square Feet, F = Feet, Includes Prorated Shared Spaces, All Dim. in Feet

Lab & Warehouse Space Requires Min. One Half Year Lease

*Available Month to Month or Quarter to Quarter - ONLY rented with lab & warehouse spaces

All Prices Quoted based on min. 6 month lease.
All leases less than 6 months are 6% higher plus first two months paid in advance plus deposit.

All prices subject to change without notice. Please contact us at phone number below for the most current prices.

All Real Estate Agents Are Welcome

2nd Floor Office Plan
2nd Floor Offices - Click Image To Enlarge

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